Coach 26 is a Perth based coaching company dedicated to personal and business transformation. Our goal is to bring to light the magnificence in people. Discover the Conscious Samurai revelation to life, unlocking the keys to holistic wellbeing.

We have refined techniques and developed programs to provide our clients with tools to ensure success personally and professionally. Our core focus areas are one-to-one coaching, business coaching, superior courses & workshops for your team and transformational events for anyone wanting to step out of their comfort zone to unleash their greatest potential.

Conscious Samurai

As Transformation coach Hament Chavda was presented with a Samurai Sudoku, he saw the 5 overlapping sections within this modal as another way of looking at something masters have taught over the centuries. This revelation was incorporated into an holistic ideology he coined “The Conscious Samurai” which explains some of the foundational pillars that have stood the test of time. To complete the Samurai Sudoku puzzle each of the 5 sections must be completed. The puzzle representing life, and the 5 sections representing body – heart – spirit – mind – flow. In our programs, events and coaching sessions we unlock these foundation areas to ensure the best possible outcome.

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