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“I am now a ‘raving fan’ of my local OPSM store!” 

Ngoc Tran Pharmacy 777  Dispensary Assistant

Ngoc Tran
Pharmacy 777
Dispensary Assistant

Ngoc attended ‘On Stage Rehearsals’ The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy Workshop on 23rd July 2013. She tells us of her experience receiving WOW exceptional service.

I just wanted to thank you for today’s training – I learnt some really valuable lessons! I’ve been thinking about all the things we went through and trying to remember a time in my life when I received exceptional customer service at another store. I tried to prompt myself to think – what was it that made the service so great? And how can I learn from that experience and implement it in my own job? I thought (well, I hope!) you’d be interested in the share that I have from a couple of months back, dealing with OPSM:

I’d been going to that particular store for a couple of years now and recently, they had a change in management so it was a completely new team (except for my optometrist.) I went in a few months ago to get a new pair of glasses done and the frame was much bigger than the pair I had previously, so there was a bit of trouble getting the correct focal point for the lenses and I actually had to get my glasses sent off 3 times before I could finally see properly through them. Like we said in today’s training – most of us don’t like to be labelled ‘complainers,’ and so each time I came into the store, I felt like a big nuisance and I kept apologising, even though the situation was beyond my control and not really my fault. I was actually served by 3 different staff members on the numerous occasions that I came in, but every person that served me was welcoming, patient, and they took the time to really listen to what I had to say. Even though they had never set eyes on me before, I felt like I was a valued customer and that my feelings and opinions were being respected. Rather than offering me a half-hearted compromise, the manager of the store told me, “Because of your prescription, it will be difficult to get a correct fit but if you really like this pair, we will make it work for you.”

For me, this experience really summed up a lot of things that we learnt today – that a sincere and swift apology and a genuine effort to rectify what has gone wrong makes a world of difference, as well as the principles of consistency, empathy, patience and personalisation of service. From this encounter, I learnt that when we are faced with a problem in the pharmacy – for example, expired scripts, or a patient who needs an owing done for them, we shouldn’t see this as a barrier or a nuisance, but rather, as an opportunity to go above and beyond the patient’s expectations. When a customer is brave enough to voice what is perceived as an ‘unfavourable’ opinion, they expect to be met with resistance. So if we show them kindness and understanding instead, as I was shown in this instance, it creates….MAGIC!

And yes, I am now a ‘raving fan’ of my local OPSM store!

Again, thank you so much for the training – the lessons that I learnt today are things that I will take into account in my personal life as well as my work life and I am so grateful for the experience. Please keep doing what you are doing and continue to inspire and empower others!

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