The basis of every choice we make

Author: Christine Howitz

The manual to your mind …..6 Core Human Needs

From all of my reading on Personal Development this topic has been one of my favourites and the one that when I have taught to others really has had a profound effect!
So according to world renowned coach and speaker Anthony Robbins, we are all driven by the requirement to fulfill 6 Core Human needs. These needs are not just desires or wants, but profound needs which serve as the basis of every choice we make, they never stop driving us and they never go away. Therefore by understanding what drives each of us on a day to day basis we can begin to determine how to get to where we really want to go. We can have a better understanding of why we do the things we do, especially why we do some of those things we know we shouldn’t do or the things that aren’t great for us! Every person is influenced and motivated by the order of importance they place on each of these 6 core human needs. By becoming aware of which 2 we hold highest in our lives we can begin to understand the reasons behind our actions.

We all want to fulfill these needs in everything we do on a daily basis, and we do in some form or another, however it is not always in a positive way and not always in a resourceful and sustainable way. Therefore it is really how we meet these needs that can shape our lives and ultimately determine our happiness.

The good news is there are millions of ways to meet each need in a positive, resourceful and sustainable way. Once you understand how you currently meet each need, you are then able to reassess and evaluate how to meet them to get where you want to go, in turn setting yourself up for lasting fulfillment in your life as well as your relationships moving forward. Sound simple, yes? Well it is once you understand how and why you do what you do, and then make the choice to do things differently if you are not currently getting the results you want. So what exactly are the 6 core human needs?

Well, here we go, the 6 core human needs are made up of the following – Certainly, Uncertainly, Significance, Connection, Contribution and Growth. The first 4 being the needs of the personality or our physical needs, and the final 2 the needs of the spirit or the soul. How well we satisfy our first 4 physical needs defines how successful our life is, and how well we satisfy our 2 spiritual needs defines how much fulfillment we ultimately find in life. Now I’m sure a few of these stand out to you straight away and are reflected in some way in your everyday life. However, what we need to understand is that in order to feel happy and fulfilled long term we need to meet all of these needs consistently. The amount of each of these core needs we invest in will shape our choices and actions. Therefore by defining your top 2 needs and how each can be achieved in positive ways we can move forward in creating a compelling future. So what exactly do each of these needs represent, well I have listed below a definition of each and also a few examples to give you a better understanding:

photodune-6896782-six-keys-s (1)

Also called: Security, Comfort, Safety, Control, Stability & Predictability

  • This need is simply about achieving order & control in life
  • Knowing we can be comfortable to have pleasure and avoid pain
  • Main function is to ensure an element of security, and it is manifested in safety and physical comfort
  • Those of us with a deep need for certainty do our best to avoid chaos and the unexpected

Example: A person may get their need for Certainty met by staying in a Relationship or Career where they are not really happy and they stay because at least they are comfortable and secure. The pain of being on their own or leaving the job outweighs the potential pleasure of finding something else. So often people with a high need for Certainty will stay put to meet this need even though ultimately it is not good for them.

Resourceful ways could be: Trusting yourself or Certainty of self. By having a sense of certainty about who you are can meet this 100% of the time. It is when we lose that sense of self that we search for it in other ways. Sometimes non-resourceful ways that don’t support us long term. Even Spirituality in some form or having routines that support, nurture and provide foundations can be resourceful ways of meeting this need.


Also called: Adventure, Variety, Surprise, Novelty or Challenge


  • It is a physical & emotional need that encourages us to bring the new, the unknown and sometimes disorder into our lives
  • Everyone needs some variety in life. Our bodies, our minds and our emotional well-being all require uncertainty
  • Just as a sense of security is reassuring, so the excitement that comes from variety is necessary to feel alive
  • Those of us with a deep need for uncertainty do our best to do new things and keep variety in all areas of our lives

Example: A person may get their need for Uncertainty met from changing jobs, changing partners, drug taking, excessive drinking, self sabotage, creating drama or even just as simply as having a conversation with someone new.

Resourceful ways could be:  Embracing adventure, travelling, different hobbies, new challenges & goals or creativity, doing something new and stepping outside your comfort zone.


Also called: Recognition, Pride, Validation & Uniqueness


  • Every person needs to feel special, important, needed & wanted.
  • To satisfy this need people find ways to feel unique or special and prove their self-worth
  • In its positive aspect, Significance leads us to raise our standards, but if we are overly focused on Significance, we will have trouble truly connecting with others

Example: Significance can be met in a number of ways, one main way is through being really different, think of a teenager at school who starts dressing a certain, unfamiliar far-out way, or gets tattoos and earrings, this can be viewed as their way to meet the need for significance or uniqueness. Other non-resourceful ways can be putting others down, gossip, significance from failure, violence, sad stories or problems about self. Even rebellion and having low self-esteem can be examples of how a person meets their own need for Significance.

Resourceful ways could be:  On the Flip side Significance can be gained from achieving or succeeding at something, meeting the goals you set for yourself, being the best – Mastery in our field, having lots of degrees, a great job or business, even volunteer work or simply speaking up can meet this need for some of us.


Also called: Love, Unified, Communication & Approval


  • Connection is represented by the human desire to communicate with, relate to and receive love from those around us.
  • Everyone needs connection with other human beings
  • We are all motivated to share and develop relationships with people to meet this need in our lives.
  • Those of us with a deep need for Connection will make different decision to those who favour Significance and often decisions can be based on connecting and being around others.

Example: Connection once again can be met in numerous ways as simply as listening to others. However there are also numerous ways people meet this non-resourcefully, such as neediness, rescuing others, doing things for others at the determent of self, self harm, unhealthy relationships, connection through big problems (drugs, drinking) or even promiscuity.

Resourceful ways could be: Connecting with Self, sharing and supporting, spending time with loved ones, religion and God, connecting with your purpose and your truth or even just connecting through nature are all ways to meet this need in a sustainable way.


As I mentioned earlier the first 4 needs listed above are the needs of the personality or our physical needs and how well we satisfy these 4 defines how successful our life is. The final 2 are the needs of the spirit or our soul. How well we satisfy these next 2 needs defines how much fulfillment we ultimately find in life.

photodune-641011-old-key-xs2GROWTH  – Through personal development, knowledge and learning we fulfill the need for growth in our lives. This core need is what drives us to mature and evolve as human beings. Think about it, anything that you want to remain in your life – your money, your health, your relationship, your happiness, love – must be cultivated, developed and expanded. We need to constantly develop emotionally, intellectually and spiritually to have a sense of fulfilment. Growth will expand your skills, awareness and ability to help others, however the most powerful growth is in relation to contribution.
Everything is either green & growing or ripe & rotting.

photodune-641011-old-key-xs2CONTRIBUTION  – Finally, we all share the need for Contribution, it is manifested in our desire to serve those around us and give love rather than simply receiving it. Contribution is about sharing what we have with others as we all desire to go beyond our own needs and give to others. It really is in the nature of human beings to want to give back, to leave a mark on the world. Giving to others may mean giving time to community service, making a charitable donation, planting trees, writing a book, or giving to one’s children, family or friends. Not only can everyone contribute in some way but contribution is essential to a sense of fulfillment and to happiness.
Everything in the universe contributes beyond itself, or it is eliminated.

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Your Words _Your World

Author: Christine Howitz

“Your life is what your thoughts make it.” ~Marcus Aurelius

I’ve recently been reading a fascinating book the Hidden Souls of Words by Mary Cox Garner which got me thinking about the true power of words and how closely our thinking and our words are aligned.

As I read the book I started to notice our minds are like a fertile field where seeds are constantly being planted. Some seeds are planted in the form of information, others come from our life experience and some come in the form of people’s ideas, opinions and judgments. Still other seeds or ‘weeds’ as I often treat them are blown in on the winds of rumour and gossip…..

Speak no evil

As I began to immerse myself into the book it was amazing to truly understand how and why language has such enormous intensity. For instance you can’t say the word hate, without having some emotional charge attached to it. We can’t say the word love without another type of charge. Scientific research demonstrates there is an actual biochemical change in our body when we use language that has energy… Simply by changing our vocabulary we transform how we feel, how we think and the way we live…and I’ll let you in on a secret…. I know this stuff works as I’ve been doing a bit of my own social experiment…..

In his book,The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz asks us to be “impeccable with our word.” This got me thinking so I turned to my mate Google and did a bit of digging on the word “impeccable “.  Did you know the root of impeccable is the Latin word peccare? meaning “sin”; impeccable means “without sin.” This means not only to what we do against others but what we do against ourselves in the form of judgment, blame, guilt or negative self talk and rejection.

So what does all this mean? It means that if we continually use words that focus on lack, pain, disappointment, despair, sadness and anger then that’s how we experience the world.  Words have power over us when we live in a state of blame, or self-rejection. If our self-talk includes “I’m fat, useless, stupid, unpopular, not smart enough,” we begin to disconnect from our true inner power. We reject ourselves and start missing the target that is aligned with the truth of who we are. We are blocking the pathways to our source of power and not allowing our true goodness to flow through.

Think about a time when an event happened that really annoyed you….

I experienced the power of this when something happened last week that was extremely challenging. I reacted with alarm, and could feel myself going red and as I used the words ‘I hate this’ and ‘this is terrible’ and ‘how could they….’ As the anger and frustration intensified it occurred to me I had a choice in how I reacted to what was happening.  I stopped myself and changed my words. I used the word ‘excitable’ instead of angry and found myself smiling. Before long I realised the giant issue was manageable….

So let me ask you what other words can you use instead of depressed, miserable, gutted… ?  How about concerned, confused or a little bit sad – Do you think this would make a difference to how you experience the events in your life.

The key thing to remember is that the words we use to describe our experience then become our experience, what we tell ourselves and others on a consistent basis is how we will experience life…..

So now it is over to you…..what words will you chose?

What you focus on is what you get.

Author: Christine Howitz

What are you focusing on ?

It’s often said that, seek and you shall find? What you focus on is truly what you get. The challenge is people do their focusing unconsciously and without intention. How they focus, and what they focus on, runs automatically which means that sometimes they focus on what they DON’T want and get it. In addition to this focusing on what you don’t want creates lousy feelings – a bit like a hangover but without the fun part first!

Take a moment to experience this….


Once you’ve read these instructions close your eyes…. Think of all the things in the room that are green. Think only of green objects. Everything that is green. How many green objects are you able to count with your eyes closed?

Once you’ve completed that exercise, ask yourself, “How many objects are in the room that are red?

Because you were focused on the objects that were green, you would have searched for the green objects. You would have deleted the other colours.  You would have been able to recall many more objects that were green than were red.

This simple exercise demonstrates how you mind operates.  It sorts for what you tell it to focus on.

Focus on hardship in life, and will experience more hardship.  Focus on life’s injustices and you will experience more injustices. Focus in ill health and you will experience ill health. Focus on your weaknesses and you will experience disappointing results.

Luckily, you can control what you focus your mind on, which means you can control whether you want to experience lousy feelings.

So how do you re-tune your focus?
Practice letting go of emotional resistance, when you’re emotionally resisting the way things are, what you’re actually doing inside your head is making pictures or other internal representations of what you don’t want, and then emotionally reacting to these internal images with resistance. You think of what you don’t want, are afraid of, or are worried about, and then try to move away from it or avoid it.

Resisting doesn’t mean you accept whatever happens without any attempt to shape events the way you actually want them to be. It does mean, though, that you remain emotionally okay and unattached to the outcome while you are working to change those things you may be able to change, or while you’re dealing with those things you cannot change.

You make a choice.
The choice you make to resist or not resist is a choice when something happens that is other than what you would have liked. You can either resist, which means you suffer in some way or, you can just prefer that things be different, in which case you can remain happy and peaceful. This applies to things you can do nothing about, and also to things you can do something about.

What Creates Resistance?
To resist, you have to focus on what you don’t want, with the idea that you want to move away from it or, in some way avoid it! You give your mind an instruction to create or draw to you, whatever you’re focusing on.

When you make an internal image of what you don’t want, your mind thinks you want it. Why does your mind do such a lousy thing to you? Because it takes what you focus on as a literal instruction to get or create something for you. Your mind doesn’t distinguish between those things you focus on that you WANT and those things you focus on that you DON’T WANT. Be present and conscious enough to only entertain an internal representation of what you really want.

You Control Your Focus.
Luckily, the ONE thing you have complete and total control over is WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. That means that when you feel bad, it’s a warning light going off that you are focusing on what you don’t want – and that by consciously changing that focus to what you want, you can change how you feel. – Try it….

Not only that, you can also change the results you get, because you change the instructions you’re giving your brain from what you DON’T want to what you DO want.

Your mind is REALLY good at creating whatever instructions you give it. Right now, with no training whatsoever, you are as proficient as any human who has ever lived at creating.

You Are in Charge, I Promise.
You can decide, in any moment, what you focus your mind on, what thoughts you think, what pictures you make inside your head. You can decide to focus on what you want, and if you do, you’ll get it, and you’ll feel good on the way to getting it.

Here is my top tip: take the reins of your mind. Become aware, moment by moment, of what you’re doing inside your head, and if it isn’t what you want, if what you experience, either inside or out, isn’t what you intended, exercise your power to change your focus.

I’m not saying it will be easy at first… It takes tremendous persistence, because the part of you that thinks it needs to focus on danger in order to be safe has a lot of momentum. But if you keep paying attention, and keep exercising control and choice about what you focus on, it will become easier and easier.


For the next seven days, be mindful of your focusact as if what you focus on is what you get. Decide to search for evidence of your own strengths and the strengths of others. Choose to see the positive in each moment. Focus on what you can control and influence, rather than what you can’t.

What we focus on is what we get, to the exclusion of everything else….what will you chose?

The Paper Doll Effect

Author: Christine Howitz

So here with a question to start firing up those neural path ways….Did you ever make those cute little paper doll chains when you were a kid? 

You would fold the paper concertina style over backwards and forwards on itself and then cut into it, half a little person.  You would then pull apart the concertina, and hey presto!  A gorgeous little chain of paper dolls!

For the  mums and dads out there have probably had this little memory re-ignited when their kids have come home from kinder to show this very same work of art, repeated over decades. Now there’s a whole topic up for discussion right there….and hence my inspiration behind this month’s topic.

It’s quite an ingenious design.  So simple, yet so entertaining.

But this got me wondering…

Were you the type of kid who would cut the dolls out, and leave it at that?  Thinking, wow, look how clever I am?
Or did you get out your crayons, pencils and texters, and draw individual little dresses or pants on them.  Did you draw on little faces and hair, all slightly unique, with their own little personality?  Did your chain of paper dolls turn into a work of art, worthy of being put up on the fridge?

I’ve been reading a lot about leadership lately, and I’ve been thinking about the workforce and how so many choose to have cookie cutter jobs.  The kind of jobs where you clock in an out of work each day, do the same thing day in, day out.  Where you look at the clock each day waiting for the day to be over.  Where you live from holiday to holiday because you yearn to escape from your mundane everyday life.  

The kind of job where you are easily replaceable, where you could walk out of your job tomorrow and they would slip another cookie cutter person straight into your position. In a month’s time, you’d be forgotten.

And I’ve been thinking, what a terrible drone like mentality that is, and how come so many people out there do this every single day… 

Somehow in between the industrial revolution and now, we carried across the idea that we should be able to easily replace ourselves.  The need to get the job done at the lowest possible cost. The idea that you go to work to just get the job done. 

You deliver the same cookie cutter (or doll chain) template every single day, because that’s what the job requires.  Right?
But what if we made it our mission to make our work each day a work of art? 

What if we were all artists and we all took the time and care and attention to deliver something extraordinary to our clients?  
Why don’t we all get out the crayons and texters and draw faces, hair and clothes onto our cut out dolls? 

Rather than follow the same template as everyone else, why not jazz it up a bit? 

Give it a mission, a persona and a great big ‘WHY’ so big it won’t fit out the door. 

I say, do what you love, care for your work like you did for your paper cut out dolls when you were young.  

I say, create something that is worthy of putting on your fridge.  
I reckon you would never work a day in your life. 
So how’s your work going? 

Is it fridge worthy?

Stepping Out of a Rut

Author: Christine Howitz

You’re in a groove. You’re on track. You’re inspired. You’re filled with confidence. And then… you’re not.

It’s over at least for now. You’re in a rut. You’re off track. You’re discouraged. Your commitment wavers. What do you do?

It’s the norm, not the exception, to lapse into a rut and feel stuck. From time to time many of us get stuck in one area of our lives or other: maybe we’re not taking the next step in our relationships, or are afraid of leaving our current job for something more unknown

Whatever the cause, the solution is to view any setback as a temporary…

When the fire alarm went off at my local cafe the other day, and it struck me that we have a lot to learn about “being stuck” from observing how we behave in the face of a fire alarm. After all, don’t we often hear internal “fire alarms” that tell us “you’re not happy… time to change!” and yet do nothing about it?

Alarm Bell over white

How we react to alarm bells:

1. We don’t want to leave our comfortable seats.
Upon the first screeches of the fire alarm, I groaned. I was sitting in my nice comfy chair, a steaming peppermint tea beside me, and was mid-thought on the document I was writing. Get up now? But I don’t wanna!

2. We use others as an excuse.
I next looked around at the other people in the coffee shop, who were doing the same thing looking back at me. An unspoken agreement settled over the crowd: if you’re not moving, I don’t have to either.

3. We reason that if we ignore it, maybe it’ll go away.
Enough said.

4. We hope someone else will fix it.
People began casting furtive glances at the baristas. Won’t you guys go do something? Can’t you see I want to enjoy my tea in peace?

5. We tolerate it.
Eventually, I settled into a “work with an annoying siren in the background” mode. I hummed a song under my breath to block out the noise. The kid next to me put on his head phones. No reason to let an annoying siren ruin a comfortable gig.

Finally, I had to laugh at the craziness of what I was doing, and so left the cafe. I stepped out into the bright sun. Deliciously quiet, with the faint sound of birds chirping in the background. A deep blue sky. Why was I avoiding this so mightily? I couldn’t remember. Like the fire alarms in life, the world can be much more beautiful once we’ve left our comfy coffee shop chair.

So what alarm bells are you currently ignoring in your life?

Here are some of my favourite tips to help you get back on track and unstuck!

Picture a hero of yours – Male or female, alive or dead, real or mythical. Imagine your hero cheering you on. What does he say to you? How does she motivate you? What would he do in your situation?

Recall how you were when you were in your groove –  What good ideas did you have then? What was important to you then? How did you feel about yourself then? See yourself beaming with delight. Remember what it was like when you felt inspired. Stay as long as you like in ‘groove-land’. Soon you will be taking up residence there once again.

Know that life is a long-distance marathon, not a sprint –  You’re in it for the long haul. So, don’t let the first hint of frustration sap your energy, sabotage your goals. Even when your confidence is waning, hang in there. Give yourself a breather. Stop before you drop. Take time to rest, eat, pray, heal, love. Then when you’re ready, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on track.

Monitor your momentum – Don’t push yourself to move faster than you can. It doesn’t matter how quickly you get back in your groove. Quantum leaps are not required. Baby steps are okay, just as long as you’re moving forward. If you find yourself falling behind, take an action. Change your scenery. Seek out a friendly face. Do something that gets your energy going.

Think even if you don’t feel like thinking – Working out, as you well know, is the tried and true road to a buff body. True for your mind as well. Utilise your gray matter, even when you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to focus on what’s gotten you in the rut. Focus instead on something simple but entertaining.

When you’re back on track, smile. Know that you did it! Reward yourself….

Lady Elliot Island T.E.A.M. Synergy

Not often do we come across an awesome T.E.A.M. but the fantastic staff at Lady Elliot Island are one in a million!



Hament Chavda, Business Culture Expert and founder of Coach 26, shares his experience of Lady Elliot Island:

In Untangle T.E.A.M. Synergy and BOOST Profit! We explore just how important it is to lead by example, as most people are a reflection of the expectations of their peer group or team leader. Now it just happens we came across an Island Chief that did exactly that lead by example. It wasn’t be using his muscle but sheer energy, leading by example and exuberant positive energy.

Its not often we have the opportunity to observe culture 24/7. Even in a hotel we leave the environment and perhaps only come back to sleep, shower and have breakfast.

Where does this tribe reside? Well, in 2009 I came across this gem of an Island by chance whilst searching for coral islands which may be similar to the Maldives, that offer snorkeling off the shore. I signed up to the newsletter and repeatedly mesmerized by the updates from the island swimming with Mantas and turtles, oh ye the beauty of nature to escape from the hustle and bustle of every day. Ok, I live in Perth so perhaps this should read escape the pointers off shore!

Notice my first interaction with the ‘business’ was four years prior to actually purchasing a product…

My second interaction was with Reservations. Helpful is a little understatement, and I called them a few times to talk about anything from temperature of the water, airport parking, food preferences, luggage allowance. Each time whoever I spoke to were more then happy to help and assist with our questions. In fact on booking, my credit card had been maxed out after paying for all the flights etc and she was happy to take a $500 deposit and take payment a few days later once I transferred funds etc, this was outside their terms of payment but as a customer I was treated like one.

My third interaction, reflective of today’s shoppers was reading comments about the island from visitors, primarily trip advisor. The reviews were positive and any negative comments were quickly responded in a genuine caring manner. We all know the difference between honest service recovery and just trying to make excuses to cover up bad service.

I once watched Anthony Robbins during an intervention say to a participant, ‘try and pick up the chair’ and she would pick it up and then he would say, “ No! Try and Pick up the chair”, repeatedly until eventually I realised the difference between trying and actually doing it. If you’re trying you’re not actually doing it.

Are you trying to keep your customers and team happy or are you actually doing it? One is all talk no walk the other is walking the talk.

After an arduous journey from Perth to Brisbane and then a 3.5 hour drive to Hervey Bay the next morning with four girls including the wife we are greeted by a mature cheerful pilot enthusiastic to show us the whales and dolphins on our flight to the island.

On arrival the accommodation would be classed as average yet comfortable, its not 5 Star as we know it but when we look past the niceties and take in the priceless beauty of this natural island you begin to forget about the artificial comforts and tap into the rejuvenating energy of nature.

But then bad service, poor food and yes sir no sir I’m here for a pay check would ruin this experience. However, on our first day I see a turtle twice and then take out my eldest daughter on the provided glass bottom baords for kids, we snorkel out on a mission to find another, a fathers promise to see that smile on his precious child. Ten minutes into the water we spot a green turtle undisturbed by our intrusion used to the glares of passers by, my daughter leaned over the board and gently stroked the back, “daddy, daddy, I touched the turtle”, she shouted. Some of the turtles loved this on the island; she was living inside the fairy tale. Did it matter about the missing garden pool or the fancy light switches or not having television in our room? We serenaded this beautiful creature for several priceless minutes with my daughter confidently swimming in the water launching herself off her board. Like in every story there was a moment of tragedy when she brushed her foot on some coral negating the advice to wear flippers and never expecting to go into the shallow clear water to be lured by this magical creature.


Our visit to reception was greeted with genuine care and affection and offered a iodine wipe to clean the minor cut and she listened to my daughter telling her amazing story even though she had heard it probably every day from countless guests who shared the same excitement, a place where the adults let go of their ego and bring out the kid in them in moments of awe inspired by mantas, humpback whales and endless array of colorful fish, turtles, sea birds, sea eagles soaring high in the sky topped by the stars in the sky shining brighter then the city lights – no where to be seen!


I see the Island Chief, a happy content bursting with energy sort of fellow, greeting guests at every opportunity. One minute he is taking the tray into the kitchen the next he is in the dive shop, the glass bottom boat or the landing strip diffusing his infectious smile to arriving and departing guests.

The entire team was a reflection of the chief’s values, customer service with a smile and never a no for an answer. In the dive shop we were greeted with helpful hints and advice about the reef and equipment even the kids were warmly looked after, nothing was any trouble. The guest relations / tour guides were equally passionate and excited with each tour and expedition they lead even the daily fish feeding was kept to a champagne popping high standard. They even took photos of me snorkeling and volunteered to email them to me! Wow that’s what I call Exceptional Service!

We did notice some tired arrivals sometimes carrying the hidden luggage of their problems and then as if my magic they leave transformed happy and smiling. Most visitors, whether for a day trip or few days would say, “ I wish  we stayed longer”!

All the Team has this exuberating energy and a willingness to help. You never hear a No, anything is possible and everything is fun.

Mark twain said, ‘ my life was a series of catastrophes most of which never happened.” With so many distractions such as emails, social media, work and home one of the major challenges today is being present. Ever had a moment when after someone finished their sentence you were wondering what they just said? Steven Covey mentions that you can be efficient with systems and things but you cannot be efficient with people. Most often the difference was that most of the team loved being in the island. They were genuinely fascinated and interested in what you had to say! Isn’t that why we have two ears and one mouth? They were present and listened you to your greatness without wanting to jump in. A happy team that ignites a Synergistic environment.

And then our last day arrived, we wish we stayed longer too and then Just before departing the chief organized a quick back of house tour to show us the eco islands desalination plant and solar power station.

My only recommendation would be a Spa to ease away the muscles after all the tempting snorkeling, diving, volley ball, table tennis, coconut bowling, Island Bingo and numerous activities on offer.

Thank you Nathan, Emma, Kim, Chris, Island Chief Andreas and the lovely girl in reception Jessica!

We have honoured Lady Elliot Island with our September Magic T.E.A.M.’er Award.


Part of Something Bigger

Strength of a Leader, Strength of the Pack

Growing great leaders and the notion of being part of something bigger is truly what it takes to reach full potential of any T.E.A.M. (Totally Empowered Awesomeness in Motion).

Leadership is so important in guiding people to their own personal growth. Tap into your own potential and in turn tap into the potential of your team. A Great leader is not a person who merely demands people to complete a task or hit targets but, Great Leadership is achieved when you are leading people who choose to be lead by you. If you give love, you will get love back.

Being a leader among your peers means you lead by example. Fear can often guide someones decisions, which limits reaching one’s greatest potential. Without good direction, people lose their way.  A leader must lead with love and hope as opposed to fear and despair to ensure the ultimate strength of the pack. A leader with integrity will find a way for people to win as individuals and as a collective, aiming for consensus in any relationship.

Be a leader among your peers – Fire Walk!

Start the journey of your own personal growth as a leader by attending seminars that have a focus geared toward getting to the core of being a winner. Conquering fears, breaking through emotional barriers that are holding you back and understanding the science of how ‘failure’ can be turned into your greatest strength all hold the keys to becoming a great leader.

Here at Coach 26 we are anticipating a unforgettable Unleash Your Greatest Potential Seminar on Saturday 21st September 2013.

What is Fire Walking?

To be precise, fire walking is actually ‘coal’ walking because it’s really hot coals that people walk over. Uniquely, it is a mind-body connection which demonstrates the control over perceived limitations. It is a way for people to build confidence in themselves. Serves as a powerful metaphor for overcoming self-limiting beliefs. A person might have a deeply held belief that something is not possible so the fire becomes a tool. Once they walk across the fire they can break through their doubts, believe in themselves and their ability and say ‘If I just did that what else could I do?’

If you are a business owner or manager you might be thinking – How will this benefit my T.E.A.M.?

  1. By first strengthening the leader, you are ensuring the strength of the pack.
  2. For those that attend, this event will set direction by mapping where they are now and what is keeping them from their full potential.
  3. The benefits of what is covered in this seminar will in turn untangle team synergy in the workplace and produce a greater sense of determination and drive.
  4. The seminar is called Unleash Your Greatest Potential. The name speaks for itself. Could you imagine what mindsets will be shifted after a Fire Walking event and the enthusiasm the following Monday morning in the office?

As a business owner or manager you may want to consider this event not just for yourself but  for your valuable core staff and senior leadership, igniting their potential. You will not be dissapointed.

This seminar will be held on Saturday, 21st September at 4pm at The Rise in Maylands, Perth. 

You can book today by visiting, or call us now on 1 300 262 241.

Growing Great Leaders – Another Great Success

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Thank you Pharmacy 777 The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy Workshop participants who attended on 3rd September 2013 for your strength as leaders ensuring the strength of the pack.

Responses to: What was your overall assessment of the day?

  • I liked the format of this culture intensive, it was interactive, fun and I learnt a lot. I really like the motivational videos and the extra advice about relationships etc that Hament gives. Great food! – Belinda, Bayswater
  • Thoroughly enjoyed today highly recommended! – Wenx, Langford
  • Fantastic!! Wow: Very well presented. – Geraldine, Langford
  • Great role play. Great team work and team effort. – Jesslyn, Langford
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the day. There were a lot of take home messages, i.e. 1) gratitude is the antidote for fear. 2) You will receive more when you give more. Very inspiring and soul cleansing. – Phuong, Mt. Hawthorn
  • As usual had great day again. Understanding how important is the power of team synergy for every organisation or business to survive. – Neda, Bayswater

The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy 3rd September 2013

Why Eating Chocolate is Good for Business

Money is deliciousThe mental and physical health of staff members can be improved by eating super foods like dark chocolate high in raw cacao – ultimately leading to greater productivity and profits.

While your average chocolate bar does have a bad reputation for creating a surge in sugar, the right type of chocolate can spark up your team’s brain power.

The mental and physical health of your team plays a very important role for business growth and productivity.

If business owners supplied good quality chocolate for their staff in the tea room and educated them about the value of super foods and well being they could see a real improvement in profits.

Super foods like raw cacao which is the primary ingredient of chocolate are packed with nutrients compared to highly refined processed fast foods such as chips, burgers and caffeine loaded energy drinks.

Cocoa is known to increase brain blood flow and enhancing brain function particularly when people are feeling fatigued or suffering sleep deprivation.
Corporations would be wise to consider the following strategies to improve productivity:Studies have also shown that your well being has an impact on the people you work with and the people who work for you.

• Offer staff training programs around general health and well being
• Encourage their staff not to consume caffeine loaded energy drinks which give an instant hit but then several hours later lead to fatigue and lack of concentration
• Provide workshops that also help team members deal with personal issues and mental health problems
• Offer quality snacks in the office such as cacao-rich chocolate and other super foods.

Businesses must realise they need to look at the underlying human health of the organisation – its people.

This is the intangible profit that can make all the difference to the bottom line.

A great example of increased productivity from better nutrition was Jamie Oliver’s Healthier School Dinner program which showed test scores in English and Science improved.

Untasty hamburger


Coach 26 features in The West Australian…

Coach 26 featured in the West Australian

Coach 26 features on page 3 of The West Australian

Our Mission : We bring to light the magnificence in people….


Don’t upset the waiter before the food arrives!

In 2007 I remember sitting at an event during which the entire audience participated in a goal setting exercise. At the time there was one goal I recall writing down, to build our dream home. On the same day at the charity foundation, I even bought a plaque, which said, ‘live with passion’ and made a promise to place it on the entrance of our future residence.

Little did we know that 5 years later we would find ourselves in beautiful Australia and at the time of writing this – in a week, we get our keys to our dream home?  I have the plaque in front of me and I notice the important and the value we place on material objects of desire. Don’t get me wrong its great to live in style but what happens when we associate our identity with our house, car or title.

Now, let me introduce you to the sales person who sold us a million dollar plus build and for confidentiality, we will call him john. John was a genuine guy, great communication and couldn’t do enough to serve us.  He even took us to his home.  At this point I know what some of you may be thinking? ‘Sucker! ‘So let me clarify this guy was genuine. We signed up to build with them. Even though we signed the contract and were allocated a Client Liaison Person John continued to help us and once even drove us to the pool company to negotiate the best price and save us money! He even volunteered to store the dishwasher from the old house we demolished. The service was exceptional and we were singing praise about the building company.

It can happen that the person we deal with is our perception of who the organisation is. Then as this relationship builds we begin to relax and trust the brand, which is a perception of our experience verses what the brand wants us to think.

Then one day out of the blue we were told John had left the company.  Aahhhh you say well the service levels in comparison were now average to bad and then we began to wonder who the organisation was? We thought John was the true representation of the brand.

We began to wonder, ‘who this building company was? We thought it was John and now through our new experience realised that the company was very different.

The branding the home builder was ‘trying’ to demonstrate was based around the finish of the house and with out a doubt the finish i.e. build quality / cosmetic appearance was very good at the expense of Exceptional WOW service!

One person can be the shining billboard for your brand and another the graffiti artist. Which one are you? Does your team really listen to your customers comments or are they only interested in KPIs? And then what happens when a competitor raises the game?


Don't Upset the waiter before the food arrives!

Don’t Upset the waiter before the food arrives!