Business Transformation: Untangle T.E.A.M. Synergy and BOOST Profit!

Eliminate The 7 tangles that will ‘strangle’ your T.E.A.M. Synergy and dump your profits quicker than your most fierce competitor


-Hament Chavda, Coach 26
-Kim Botherson, Managing Director Pharmacy 777
-Bruce Annabel, Leading Australian Business Advisor

Superior Courses & Workshops

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Lunch & Learn

At Coach26 we recognise when it comes to influencing, thinking and changing behaviour, bite-size is best. Why? because we live in a world that demands instant results and high value output, bite-size training lets people achieve more effective learning in less time without blowing your yearly budget.
We’ve got the body nourishment covered as well – we can provide a healthy lunch jam packed full of goodness with none of the normal boring stuff.


Opening Night – The T.E.A.M. Breakthrough Workshop

This is about looking forward to the next chapter. By using powerful exercises we help to change mindsets from what someone thinks is possible to what is actually possible. Through this, we will guide you to your inspired future.


Backstage – The Conscious Samurai Workshop

Your inner thoughts are the basis for all emotions. We set up this part of the program to focus on making sure your mind is at its peak level, so you can be at your best throughout all parts of your life.


On Stage Rehearsals – The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy Workshop

Team building is key to growing, not only as a group but also as individuals. Through team building exercises we help to inspire leadership and create an understanding of the different facets of being a leader.


Auditions – The T.E.A.M. Synergy Health Check Report

Through detailed analysis of the team dynamics, we customise the program to the needs, challenges and strengths, values and mission to create even greater impact.


Corporate T.E.A.M. Building

Untangle T.E.A.M. Synergy and tap into the potential of the individual, Build leadership and collaboration for greater productivity, determination and drive.
Individuals can expect to develop more effective people and problem solving skills. Individuals will learn the meaning of co-operation and discover that through gracious collaboration they can accomplish much more than they may have previously thought possible.