February Magic T.E.A.M. Faisal Rashid & CommBank

I came across Faisal about a year ago and I had held on to his business card since. My wife and I purchased a new business venture so we got in touch with Faisal who made the whole experience fantastic. I contacted other banks prior, however the service, the product knowledge and the tailoring to our needs Faisal was able to provide specific to our best interests was the clincher plus the competitiveness with other banks. In the midst of our new business venture banking needs, Faisal was on paternity leave as his wife just had the baby. Even though he could have referred me to someone else,  Faisal took the time to take care of our needs.

I then had the experience of going into the local CommBank branch here in Cottesloe and again the service was different, in a good way, personable and welcoming. On one occasion when I went to another bank branch to ask for directions to the closest CommBank and the woman at the counter advised me that it would be closing in two minutes so I might not make it. I really needed to open an account so I raced in and to my surprise, the wonderful woman at the CommBank (a branch I had never been to previously) said to me, “it’s okay anything is possible”. She set up the account in record time and told me it was that fastest she had ever accomplished that before.

We have decided to nominate Faisal and the Commonwealth Bank T.E.A.M. because of the consistent level of service and friendliness along with their awesome products, apps and online service that seamlessly integrate technology with the human element.

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