Is Thriving Positive Synergy Contagious?

click here if you would like some Thriving Positive Synergy.Our Core Value #2 Respect Others – We love people so as to inspire their greatness even when they don’t see it themselves.Thank you all for the great comments….

“My biggest aha was to use the 5 steps to achieve organisational values and use the 5 steps to achieve our goals in my personal life. Fantastic. Awesome. Learnt a lot about myself and how to achieve goals to serve the organisation better.”

“You are always capable of going that extra 10% more than what you thought capable of. I will not hold myself back due to false beliefs that I am not capable. I learnt something new about myself, always set goals before but never really took major action to develop a plan.”

“The 5 steps to achieving the goal is so useful, being a leader is the gift. It was a great day I really needed it thank you”

“My biggest aha was to stop focusing on all the negative and start believing. (I chopped away my BS today). I really enjoyed my day I think it will influence every aspect of my life. Loved it! Need to do this more regularly! Some days you need to stop and really think and visualise.”

“I loved it. It was really fun and uplifting.”

“You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. I will use this by myself and together with staff members. We will set personal and store goals for the week, month, quarter, year. My biggest aha was that I have to change my state in order to feel good and help others. I am in control how I am feeling. Inspiring!”

“My biggest aha was that life is what you decide it can be. Dream beyond the dream!! Great event with outstanding content. So many areas that these key skills can be used in. All clients should see us at peak state–this will give the best results for them and us.”

“One of my key learning points was about the power that we can give others, through our values and self-limiting beliefs, but only we are in charge of our emotions. Excellent energy in the room. I think everyone would have come away feeling empowered, with many light bulb moments –thank you!”

“There are no limits just what we set. I will use this at work by applying my values and being positive.”

We Can Do It!

We Can Do It!

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