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How about a work out for the mind this lunchtime? We know you prefer a healthy option so we’ll even shout you lunch, nar we’re not into boring slices of bread with floppy salad either…..
At Coach26 we recognise when it comes to influencing, thinking and changing behaviour, bite-size is best. Why? because we live in a world that demands instant results and high value output, bite-size training lets people achieve more effective learning in less time without blowing your yearly budget.

So at Coach26 we put on our thinking caps and developed a Lunch and Learn series of top-notch topics that aim to inform and engage people at all levels within your TEAM. What’s more because bite size training is short, flexible and focused it’s easy to find time for. Consequently, people will choose to acquire and apply new skills at their own free will. And on top of that they’ll deliver against those newfound competencies much sooner than more traditional training methods might deliver.

Our Lunch and Learn series is delivered by energising, top notch presenters with expertise in people management, personal development, leadership, management, business culture, emotional intelligence, and team development. Each session takes place at your place and is up to 90 minutes long.

  • Equips the TEAM with strategies and tools to manage their wellbeing and builds resilience
  • Expand and grow your TEAM’s knowledge to assist with their career development
  • Designed to compliment Learning and Development programs
  • Increases motivation and morale
  • Creates an environment of continuous learning resulting in a culture of growth and development
  • Improves TEAM communication

    Bored of the normal corporate sandwich platter – we were too! We’re so passionate about fuelling our minds with the right food we’ve got the body nourishment covered as well – we can provide a healthy lunch jam packed full of goodness with none of the normal boring stuff.

    “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

    – Thomas A Edison –

    Our toolbox is brimming with innovative, practical learning experiences to suit every need. Delve in, pick your topic and help your people achieve even faster and with less effort.


    The importance of the Home TEAM

    Recognise the value of your home TEAM, the critical connection to keeping it all in balance.

    Getting Things Done: What good leaders do differently

    Experience how high performing teams lead with core values and integrity to circumvent the pit falls of ‘sugar coating’ for short-term reputation.

    Top Teams: Strategies for developing high performing teams.

    Discover the 6 proven foundational health principles to get fit from within and skyrocket your performance at work.

    Leadership Tool box

    Identify which areas of the 7 fundamentals for Culture Change can be improved in your organisation and create a ‘three to thrive’ action plan for growing your business.

    Stress Buster & sorted for stress: Strategies to handle stress in the workplace

    Understand the fundamental principles of effective energy management for ultimate stress fitness while breaking through emotional barriers that hold the TEAM back.

    Give me strength: Career resiliency in challenging times

    Learn the Monster Bounce Back Principle to even higher levels of organizational culture

    Team Spirit: Understanding Team Dynamics & Tricky People.

    Explore how the dynamics of subculture play out within your business and learn how to tap into states of peak performance and overcome your fears.

    Having presence & managing state: The role of the leader

    Discover the true meaning of ‘responsibility through action and accountability’ to truly understand and embrace the different facets of being a leader.

    And most important there will be heaps to chat and laugh about afterwards