Magic T-E-A-M-ers

Ngoc Tran
Pharmacy 777 
Dispensary Assistant

July Magic T.E.A.M. OPSM

I’d been going to that particular store for a couple of years now and recently, they had a change in management so it was a completely new team (except for my optometrist.) I went in a few months ago to get a new pair of glasses done and the frame was much bigger than the pair I had previously, so there was a bit of trouble getting the correct focal point for the lenses and I actually had to get my glasses sent off 3 times before I could finally see properly through them. Like we said in today’s training – most of us don’t like to be labelled ‘complainers,’ and so each time I came into the store, I felt like a big nuisance and I kept apologising, even though the situation was beyond my control and not really my fault. I was actually served by 3 different staff members on the numerous occasions that I came in, but every person that served me was welcoming, patient, and they took the time to really listen to what I had to say. Even though they had never set eyes on me before, I felt like I was a valued customer and that my feelings and opinions were being respected. Rather than offering me a half-hearted compromise, the manager of the store told me, “Because of your prescription, it will be difficult to get a correct fit but if you really like this pair, we will make it work for you.”

For me, this experience really summed up a lot of things that we learnt today – that a sincere and swift apology and a genuine effort to rectify what has gone wrong makes a world of difference, as well as the principles of consistency, empathy, patience and personalisation of service. From this encounter, I learnt that when we are faced with a problem in the pharmacy – for example, expired scripts, or a patient who needs an owing done for them, we shouldn’t see this as a barrier or a nuisance, but rather, as an opportunity to go above and beyond the patient’s expectations. When a customer is brave enough to voice what is perceived as an ‘unfavourable’ opinion, they expect to be met with resistance. So if we show them kindness and understanding instead, as I was shown in this instance, it creates….MAGIC!

And yes, I am now a ‘raving fan’ of my local OPSM store!
Ngoc -

—July Magic T.E.A.M. OPSM