February Magic T.E.A.M. Faisal Rashid & CommBank

I came across Faisal about a year ago and I had held on to his business card since. My wife and I purchased a new business venture so we got in touch with Faisal who made the whole experience fantastic. I contacted other banks prior, however the service, the product knowledge and the tailoring to our needs Faisal was able to provide specific to our best interests was the clincher plus the competitiveness with other banks. In the midst of our new business venture banking needs, Faisal was on paternity leave as his wife just had the baby. Even though he could have referred me to someone else,  Faisal took the time to take care of our needs.

I then had the experience of going into the local CommBank branch here in Cottesloe and again the service was different, in a good way, personable and welcoming. On one occasion when I went to another bank branch to ask for directions to the closest CommBank and the woman at the counter advised me that it would be closing in two minutes so I might not make it. I really needed to open an account so I raced in and to my surprise, the wonderful woman at the CommBank (a branch I had never been to previously) said to me, “it’s okay anything is possible”. She set up the account in record time and told me it was that fastest she had ever accomplished that before.

We have decided to nominate Faisal and the Commonwealth Bank T.E.A.M. because of the consistent level of service and friendliness along with their awesome products, apps and online service that seamlessly integrate technology with the human element.

Senggigi Beach Hotel

November Magic T.E.A.M. Senggigi Beach Hotel, Lombak

“They were also caring and reassuring during what was understandably a frightening experience”.

Following a not so pleasant encounter with a poisonous fish, Christine Howitz (Business Culture Creator & Happiness Facilitator, Coach 26) has nominated Senggigi Beach Hotel in Lombok for the November Magic Award. Here is what she had to say:

I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to the team at the Senggigi Beach Hotel, Lombok. Following a very unfortunate incident on the afternoon of 27th October, when I was stung by a poisonous fish on the beach outside the hotel, staff at the hotel were outstanding in their care.  There was a clear process for urgent medical emergencies and staff acted quickly, calmly and efficiently whilst drawing minimal attention. They were also caring and reassuring during what was understandably a frightening experience.

My friend and I were driven to the local medical centre by two security personnel, who also provided me with water and assisted in communicating with the clinic staff, overcoming the language barrier.

In particular I would like to nominate one of the security personnel, Parlan, who was highly professional, diligent and went above and beyond to ensure that I was properly cared for. His caring manner was exemplary and was very much appreciated by my friend and myself.

We will certainly return to this hotel in the future as, despite the aforementioned incident, we had a wonderful stay.

Yours faithfully,


Christine Howitz


October Magic T.E.A.M.’er Belinda Korpak, The Property Exchange, Subiaco

“This was someone who loved their job, loved the company they worked for and instinctively had a great leader she chose to follow rather then being forced to do what I tell you or else!!”

Hament Chavda tells us of his experience moving from a modest 3 bedroom town house to his ‘dream’ house, selling it, and the smooth transition back to a practical rental.

So we sell our house, yep our dream home we built after arriving in Australia, you know 5 bedrooms all with built in walk on robes, kitchen and scullery, 3 bathrooms, powder room, balcony front and back, theatre room, gym, pool with Jacuzzi, double garage and large high storage and home office. So why did we sell?

Whilst our dream home was being built we rented this small yet bright 3 bedroom house near the beach, no mod cons but bright and practical. My office was in my bedroom, the girls were in a small cozy room with a bunk. The house was put on the market and eventually gets sold a few months before our new house is ready! We have 30 days to move and with the rental market booming settled for a 2 bedroom single story house, kind of old looking yet clean. We stayed there for 6 weeks and the girls loved it for its rugged garden, the nosey cuddly cat from next door and the large concrete cycling area.

Our house is ready we move into this huge place, the girls at first feel exposed like the roof has been removed but still on, everyone eventually hides in their own little areas and the proximity widens though at times useful we notice the difference and I realised,” it’s not how big the house is, its how big the love is in the house”, then with so much cash in a large house, dropping prices and general maintenance we decided to sell. When it was least expected we receive an offer with a 30 day settlement, we take it and with that timing are back in the situation of having to find a place to live.

We met numerous leasing agents with multiple personalities and service standards with a theme or sense of, ‘ this could be another time waster’ no real enthusiasm energy or understanding, just OK, average service. So then again like when we least expect it we get a call from an agent about a property she was showing on Friday. This time we were nearly going to miss this opportunity and assumed, you know its too small or it won’t be the right one but something about the chirpy energy of the person on the other line enthused us with energy.

I persuaded the wife we must go and see this apartment and decided to pick up the girls earlier from school. We arrived and were met by this bursting with positive life loving energetic agent, “ Hi I’m Belinda”, we walked into a beautiful apartment on the ocean front, we took a few steps in and yes We’ll take it were my first words. She was probably the friendliest agent of the lot, helpful, interested in our predicament, treated the kids with respect and professional and she kept raving about her company, how they looked after her, how they invested in their training, how they did not take on more properties the they could manage because delivery of service was more important then well numbers of properties / money. This was someone who loved their job, loved the company they worked for and instinctively had a great leader she chose to follow rather then being forced to do what I tell you or else!!

We happened to move into this apartment and when we purchase our next residential investment property, guess who we will be picking to look after the property? The after service has been fantastic and the landlord is a really nice guy perhaps like the saying goes people like people like themselves.

Lady Elliot Island
Lady Elliot Island

September Magic T.E.A.M. Lady Elliot Island

“All the Team has this exuberating energy and a willingness to help. You never hear a No, anything is possible and everything is fun.”

Hament Chavda shares his experience on Lady Elliot Island in August 2013.

In 2009 I came across this gem of an Island by chance whilst searching for coral islands which may be similar to the Maldives, that offer snorkeling off the shore. I signed up to the Lady Elliot Island newsletter and was repeatedly mesmerized by the updates from the island swimming with Mantas and turtles, oh – and the beauty of nature to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday. Okay, I live in Perth so perhaps this should read – escape the pointers off shore!

Notice my first interaction with the ‘business’ was four years prior to actually purchasing a product…

My second interaction was with Reservations. Helpful is a little understatement, and I called them a few times to talk about anything from temperature of the water, airport parking, food preferences, luggage allowance. Each time whoever I spoke to were more then happy to help and assist with our questions. In fact on booking, my credit card had been maxed out after paying for all the flights etc and she was happy to take a $500 deposit and take payment a few days later once I transferred funds etc, this was outside their terms of payment but as a customer I was treated like one.

My third interaction, reflective of today’s shoppers was reading comments about the island from visitors, primarily trip advisor website. The reviews were positive and any negative comments were quickly responded in a genuine caring manner. We all know the difference between honest service recovery and just trying to make excuses to cover up bad service.

After an arduous journey from Perth to Brisbane and then a 3.5 hour drive to Hervey Bay the next morning with four girls including the wife we are greeted by a mature cheerful pilot enthusiastic to show us the whales and dolphins on our flight to the island.

On arrival the accommodation would be classed as average yet comfortable, its not 5 Star as we know it but when we look past the niceties and take in the priceless beauty of this natural island you begin to forget about the artificial comforts and tap into the rejuvenating energy of nature.

But then bad service, poor food and yes sir no sir I’m here for a pay check would ruin this experience. However, like in every story there was a moment of tragedy when my daughter brushed her foot on some coral negating the advice to wear flippers and never expecting to go into the shallow clear water to be lured by a magical creature (turtle).

Our visit to reception was greeted with genuine care and affection and offered a iodine wipe to clean the minor cut as she listened to my daughter telling her amazing story about touching a turtle even though she had heard it probably every day from countless guests who shared the same excitement, a place where the adults let go of their ego and bring out the kid in them in moments of awe inspired by mantas, humpback whales and endless array of colorful fish, turtles, sea birds, sea eagles soaring high in the sky topped by the stars in the sky shining brighter then the city lights – no where to be seen!

I see the Island Chief, a happy content bursting with energy sort of fellow, greeting guests at every opportunity. One minute he is taking the tray into the kitchen the next he is in the dive shop, the glass bottom boat or the landing strip diffusing his infectious smile to arriving and departing guests.

The entire team was a reflection of the chief’s values, customer service with a smile and never a no for an answer. In the dive shop we were greeted with helpful hints and advice about the reef and equipment even the kids were warmly looked after, nothing was any trouble. The guest relations / tour guides were equally passionate and excited with each tour and expedition they lead even the daily fish feeding was kept to a champagne popping high standard. They even took photos of me snorkeling and volunteered to email them to me! Wow that’s what I call Exceptional Service!

All the Team has this exuberating energy and a willingness to help. You never hear a No, anything is possible and everything is fun.

And then our last day arrived, we wish we stayed longer and then Just before departing the chief organized a quick back of house tour to show us the eco islands desalination plant and solar power station.

My only recommendation would be a Spa to ease away the muscles after all the tempting snorkeling, diving, volley ball, table tennis, coconut bowling, Island Bingo and numerous activities on offer.

Thank you Nathan, Emma, Kim, Chris in the dive shop, Island Chief Andreas and the lovely girl in reception Jessica!


August Magic T.E.A.M. OPSM Morley Russell Street

“I am now a ‘raving fan’ of my local OPSM store!” 

Ngoc Tran Pharmacy 777  Dispensary Assistant

Ngoc Tran
Pharmacy 777
Dispensary Assistant

Ngoc attended ‘On Stage Rehearsals’ The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy Workshop on 23rd July 2013. She tells us of her experience receiving WOW exceptional service.

I just wanted to thank you for today’s training – I learnt some really valuable lessons! I’ve been thinking about all the things we went through and trying to remember a time in my life when I received exceptional customer service at another store. I tried to prompt myself to think – what was it that made the service so great? And how can I learn from that experience and implement it in my own job? I thought (well, I hope!) you’d be interested in the share that I have from a couple of months back, dealing with OPSM:

I’d been going to that particular store for a couple of years now and recently, they had a change in management so it was a completely new team (except for my optometrist.) I went in a few months ago to get a new pair of glasses done and the frame was much bigger than the pair I had previously, so there was a bit of trouble getting the correct focal point for the lenses and I actually had to get my glasses sent off 3 times before I could finally see properly through them. Like we said in today’s training – most of us don’t like to be labelled ‘complainers,’ and so each time I came into the store, I felt like a big nuisance and I kept apologising, even though the situation was beyond my control and not really my fault. I was actually served by 3 different staff members on the numerous occasions that I came in, but every person that served me was welcoming, patient, and they took the time to really listen to what I had to say. Even though they had never set eyes on me before, I felt like I was a valued customer and that my feelings and opinions were being respected. Rather than offering me a half-hearted compromise, the manager of the store told me, “Because of your prescription, it will be difficult to get a correct fit but if you really like this pair, we will make it work for you.”

For me, this experience really summed up a lot of things that we learnt today – that a sincere and swift apology and a genuine effort to rectify what has gone wrong makes a world of difference, as well as the principles of consistency, empathy, patience and personalisation of service. From this encounter, I learnt that when we are faced with a problem in the pharmacy – for example, expired scripts, or a patient who needs an owing done for them, we shouldn’t see this as a barrier or a nuisance, but rather, as an opportunity to go above and beyond the patient’s expectations. When a customer is brave enough to voice what is perceived as an ‘unfavourable’ opinion, they expect to be met with resistance. So if we show them kindness and understanding instead, as I was shown in this instance, it creates….MAGIC!

And yes, I am now a ‘raving fan’ of my local OPSM store!

Again, thank you so much for the training – the lessons that I learnt today are things that I will take into account in my personal life as well as my work life and I am so grateful for the experience. Please keep doing what you are doing and continue to inspire and empower others!