October Magic T.E.A.M.’er Belinda Korpak, The Property Exchange, Subiaco

“This was someone who loved their job, loved the company they worked for and instinctively had a great leader she chose to follow rather then being forced to do what I tell you or else!!”

Hament Chavda tells us of his experience moving from a modest 3 bedroom town house to his ‘dream’ house, selling it, and the smooth transition back to a practical rental.

So we sell our house, yep our dream home we built after arriving in Australia, you know 5 bedrooms all with built in walk on robes, kitchen and scullery, 3 bathrooms, powder room, balcony front and back, theatre room, gym, pool with Jacuzzi, double garage and large high storage and home office. So why did we sell?

Whilst our dream home was being built we rented this small yet bright 3 bedroom house near the beach, no mod cons but bright and practical. My office was in my bedroom, the girls were in a small cozy room with a bunk. The house was put on the market and eventually gets sold a few months before our new house is ready! We have 30 days to move and with the rental market booming settled for a 2 bedroom single story house, kind of old looking yet clean. We stayed there for 6 weeks and the girls loved it for its rugged garden, the nosey cuddly cat from next door and the large concrete cycling area.

Our house is ready we move into this huge place, the girls at first feel exposed like the roof has been removed but still on, everyone eventually hides in their own little areas and the proximity widens though at times useful we notice the difference and I realised,” it’s not how big the house is, its how big the love is in the house”, then with so much cash in a large house, dropping prices and general maintenance we decided to sell. When it was least expected we receive an offer with a 30 day settlement, we take it and with that timing are back in the situation of having to find a place to live.

We met numerous leasing agents with multiple personalities and service standards with a theme or sense of, ‘ this could be another time waster’ no real enthusiasm energy or understanding, just OK, average service. So then again like when we least expect it we get a call from an agent about a property she was showing on Friday. This time we were nearly going to miss this opportunity and assumed, you know its too small or it won’t be the right one but something about the chirpy energy of the person on the other line enthused us with energy.

I persuaded the wife we must go and see this apartment and decided to pick up the girls earlier from school. We arrived and were met by this bursting with positive life loving energetic agent, “ Hi I’m Belinda”, we walked into a beautiful apartment on the ocean front, we took a few steps in and yes We’ll take it were my first words. She was probably the friendliest agent of the lot, helpful, interested in our predicament, treated the kids with respect and professional and she kept raving about her company, how they looked after her, how they invested in their training, how they did not take on more properties the they could manage because delivery of service was more important then well numbers of properties / money. This was someone who loved their job, loved the company they worked for and instinctively had a great leader she chose to follow rather then being forced to do what I tell you or else!!

We happened to move into this apartment and when we purchase our next residential investment property, guess who we will be picking to look after the property? The after service has been fantastic and the landlord is a really nice guy perhaps like the saying goes people like people like themselves.

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