Part of Something Bigger

Strength of a Leader, Strength of the Pack

Growing great leaders and the notion of being part of something bigger is truly what it takes to reach full potential of any T.E.A.M. (Totally Empowered Awesomeness in Motion).

Leadership is so important in guiding people to their own personal growth. Tap into your own potential and in turn tap into the potential of your team. A Great leader is not a person who merely demands people to complete a task or hit targets but, Great Leadership is achieved when you are leading people who choose to be lead by you. If you give love, you will get love back.

Being a leader among your peers means you lead by example. Fear can often guide someones decisions, which limits reaching one’s greatest potential. Without good direction, people lose their way.  A leader must lead with love and hope as opposed to fear and despair to ensure the ultimate strength of the pack. A leader with integrity will find a way for people to win as individuals and as a collective, aiming for consensus in any relationship.

Be a leader among your peers – Fire Walk!

Start the journey of your own personal growth as a leader by attending seminars that have a focus geared toward getting to the core of being a winner. Conquering fears, breaking through emotional barriers that are holding you back and understanding the science of how ‘failure’ can be turned into your greatest strength all hold the keys to becoming a great leader.

Here at Coach 26 we are anticipating a unforgettable Unleash Your Greatest Potential Seminar on Saturday 21st September 2013.

What is Fire Walking?

To be precise, fire walking is actually ‘coal’ walking because it’s really hot coals that people walk over. Uniquely, it is a mind-body connection which demonstrates the control over perceived limitations. It is a way for people to build confidence in themselves. Serves as a powerful metaphor for overcoming self-limiting beliefs. A person might have a deeply held belief that something is not possible so the fire becomes a tool. Once they walk across the fire they can break through their doubts, believe in themselves and their ability and say ‘If I just did that what else could I do?’

If you are a business owner or manager you might be thinking – How will this benefit my T.E.A.M.?

  1. By first strengthening the leader, you are ensuring the strength of the pack.
  2. For those that attend, this event will set direction by mapping where they are now and what is keeping them from their full potential.
  3. The benefits of what is covered in this seminar will in turn untangle team synergy in the workplace and produce a greater sense of determination and drive.
  4. The seminar is called Unleash Your Greatest Potential. The name speaks for itself. Could you imagine what mindsets will be shifted after a Fire Walking event and the enthusiasm the following Monday morning in the office?

As a business owner or manager you may want to consider this event not just for yourself but  for your valuable core staff and senior leadership, igniting their potential. You will not be dissapointed.

This seminar will be held on Saturday, 21st September at 4pm at The Rise in Maylands, Perth. 

You can book today by visiting, or call us now on 1 300 262 241.

Growing Great Leaders – Another Great Success

Coach 26 offers Superior Courses & Workshops.

Thank you Pharmacy 777 The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy Workshop participants who attended on 3rd September 2013 for your strength as leaders ensuring the strength of the pack.

Responses to: What was your overall assessment of the day?

  • I liked the format of this culture intensive, it was interactive, fun and I learnt a lot. I really like the motivational videos and the extra advice about relationships etc that Hament gives. Great food! – Belinda, Bayswater
  • Thoroughly enjoyed today highly recommended! – Wenx, Langford
  • Fantastic!! Wow: Very well presented. – Geraldine, Langford
  • Great role play. Great team work and team effort. – Jesslyn, Langford
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the day. There were a lot of take home messages, i.e. 1) gratitude is the antidote for fear. 2) You will receive more when you give more. Very inspiring and soul cleansing. – Phuong, Mt. Hawthorn
  • As usual had great day again. Understanding how important is the power of team synergy for every organisation or business to survive. – Neda, Bayswater

The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy 3rd September 2013

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