Back Stage

The Conscious Samurai Workshop


The Conscious Samurai workshop is an outstanding cutting edge event dealing with the underlying drivers of peak performance.

In this eye-opening workshop members of your team will learn the foundations of optimum mind and body principles, so performance can be at its best throughout all parts of work and home life.
(* Studies show that your employees well-being has an impact on the people you work with and those who work for you. Emotions travel through these team networks the same way viruses do!)

Key Benefits

  • Discover the fundamental principles of peak performance.
  • Align your team to take away actionable steps to be at its best.
  • Increase motivation, productivity and performance by dealing with the root cause and stop ‘painting over rust!’
  • Evaluate your current culture and understand the benefits of stepping to the next level.

Who Should Attend

Your entire team!
For larger organizations: senior leadership team and heads of all departments should attend this workshop.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Discover the 5 foundational pillars that will redefine energy output verses input and improve T.E.A.M. morale and engagement.
Understand the fundamental principles of effective time management, work life balance and pro actively minimize ‘bad’ stress.
Explore and understand the five levels of organizational culture on ‘stage’.
Discover how high performance teams are leading with core values and understand the pit falls of ‘sugar coating’ core values for short-term reputation.
Identify which areas of the 7 fundamentals for Culture Change can be improved in your organisation and create a ‘three to thrive’ action plan for growing your business


1. Discover fundamental principles to raise and improve T.E.A.M. performance at its core.
2. Map your Return on Time Invested and implement just one action that will reduce ‘bad’ stress and activate performance recovery.
3. Learn the Monster Bounce Back Principle to even higher levels of organizational culture.
4. Understand the pitfalls of ‘sugar coating’ your values for short-term reputation.
5. Create a three to thrive action plan for growing your business.