On Stage Rehearsals

The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy Workshop

In this dynamic mind-opening workshop, members of your team will have the opportunity to learn, experience and share powerful insights for
implementing The Power of T.E.A.M. Synergy within your organization.

Key Benefits

Discover and take away critical service principles to lift your customer experience and build an even stronger service culture.
Experience and integrate the power of team synergy into your organisation.

Who Should Attend

Your entire team!
For larger organizations: senior leadership team and heads of all departments should attend this workshop.


Workshop Learning Objectives

Create alignment between all members of your team.
Engage everyone in discovering how and why ‘wow’ exceptional service standards are critical for creating world-class service cultures.
Identify the fundamental principles for delivering exceptional service and its impact on internal and external customers.
Learn and participate in fun and interactive team building scenarios that will guide your team towards a common purpose.
Discover the true meaning of responsibility through action and understand the different facets of being a leader.


1. Discover global best practices of great companies who are creating outstanding ‘WOW’ service cultures.
2. Experience enthusiastic discussions and full participation through innovative team building.
3. Reflect, discuss, identify and articulate specific and practical action steps for immediate implementation.
4. Switch ‘stage view’ and eliminate hidden roadblocks