Opening Night

The T.E.A.M. Breakthrough Workshop

The Breakthrough Workshop is a powerful unforgettable event.

Embrace the power of positive belief and unleash your team’s greatest potential. This is about looking forward to the next chapter. By using powerful exercises we help to change mindsets from what someone thinks is possible to what is actually possible.

Key Benefits

An inspired Team that believes in its ability will outperform those with limiting beliefs. Build confidence and leadership to take positive action towards positive growth.
Tap into the potential of your team.

Who Should Attend

Your entire team!
For larger organizations: senior leadership team and heads of all departments should attend this workshop.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Tap into the power of the mind and achieve lasting results.
Understand the science of how failure can be turned into greater strength.
Breakthrough emotional barriers that hold you back.
Tap into states of peak performance.
Learn how to conquer your fears.
Map where you are now and identify what’s keeping you from your full potential.


1. Discover the 7 steps to break through any goal.
2. Understand the mastery cycle
3. Map your conscious samurai.
4. Know where you are now.
5. Learn the five constipating enemies.
6. Know where you are going.
7. Commit to your why?
8. Step beyond your comfort zone.
9. Stack your assets and resources.
10. Unleash your greatest potential.

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“I was inspired by the enthusiasm behind the Coach 26 program and the delivery did not disappoint. The program goes to the core of the issue, which guarantees the outcome. I wholeheartedly commend anyone wanting to grow their business to go for it.”

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“I know in the future I have the awareness, tools and strategies to spend time on myself. Through my ongoing self-development I can serve others in a better and more impactful way. This is my purpose and time with me massively assists in empowering others. If you are confused of where you’re at now and lack that clarity of future and also of our current beliefs impacts our life, I would recommend you speak to Hament. He is genuine and very committed.”