Why Eating Chocolate is Good for Business

Money is deliciousThe mental and physical health of staff members can be improved by eating super foods like dark chocolate high in raw cacao – ultimately leading to greater productivity and profits.

While your average chocolate bar does have a bad reputation for creating a surge in sugar, the right type of chocolate can spark up your team’s brain power.

The mental and physical health of your team plays a very important role for business growth and productivity.

If business owners supplied good quality chocolate for their staff in the tea room and educated them about the value of super foods and well being they could see a real improvement in profits.

Super foods like raw cacao which is the primary ingredient of chocolate are packed with nutrients compared to highly refined processed fast foods such as chips, burgers and caffeine loaded energy drinks.

Cocoa is known to increase brain blood flow and enhancing brain function particularly when people are feeling fatigued or suffering sleep deprivation.
Corporations would be wise to consider the following strategies to improve productivity:Studies have also shown that your well being has an impact on the people you work with and the people who work for you.

• Offer staff training programs around general health and well being
• Encourage their staff not to consume caffeine loaded energy drinks which give an instant hit but then several hours later lead to fatigue and lack of concentration
• Provide workshops that also help team members deal with personal issues and mental health problems
• Offer quality snacks in the office such as cacao-rich chocolate and other super foods.

Businesses must realise they need to look at the underlying human health of the organisation – its people.

This is the intangible profit that can make all the difference to the bottom line.

A great example of increased productivity from better nutrition was Jamie Oliver’s Healthier School Dinner program which showed test scores in English and Science improved.

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