Written Testimonials

I was inspired by the enthuasiasm behind the Coach 26 program and the delivery did not disappoint. The program goes to the core of the issue which guarantees the outcome. I wholeheartedly commend anyone wanting to grow their business to go for it..

Michael Dillon,  Chairman of the Pharmacy777 Group

I know Hament through our mutual association with Cutlure Sync. As one of the team of Culture Sync Approved Tribal Leaders who are responsible for the certification of other Approved Tribal Leaders, I give Hament the highest recommendation for his understanding of what makes a high performing business culture possible, he also possesses the strengths and skills to inspire those he works with to generate effective culture change in their business organisations.

Master Coach, infinability.com

It was necessary to get someone like Hament involved and he’s been working very closely with Pharmacy 777 from Board of Directors including the Chairman through to the pharmacists, the pharmacy owners, the Managers, all the staff so that we can change the whole focus of the business away from this product mind set to one of the customers comes first. It’s a fundamental cultural shift in this industry and Pharmacy 777 is now well and surely on the way and Hament has had an enormous amount to do with that success.

Bruce Annabel, Business advisor

Coach 26 is indeed the super coach and a mentor that your business would get great value from. Never under estimate the value of a great culture for your business.

Kim Brotherson, Managing Director at Pharmacy 777

Thanks to your words I had one of my most productive and connected days with my staff yesterday and shared what was spoken about on Monday evening. Extremely insightful, thought provoking and also very giving, provided some real tools to use

Enzo D’Alessandro, Salon Manager Renato and Enzo Hair, Mosman Park

When I came to see Hament, I felt I was not prioritising time to work on my own self growth. I was constantly doing everything I could to serve others- family, friends, clients, business partners, peers and strangers. But I was not serving me.

Now I feel a connection with the importance and clearer meaning of making time to grow myself. I am happier and more focused to achieve this need.

I know in the future I have the awareness, tools and strategies to spend time on myself. Through my ongoing self development I can serve others in a better and more impactfull way, This is my purpose and time with me massively assists in empowering others.If you are confused of where you’re at now and lack that clarity of future and also of our current beliefs impacts our life, I would recommend you speak to Hament. He is genuine and very committed.

Duncan Buchanan, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Hament Chavda of Coach 26 has provided outstanding service to the 777 group as our Culture Coach. The growth amongst our staff has been nothing short of amazing where we now have our organisation and staff values aligned. His committment, enthusiasm and energy is absolutley exceptional and it is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work and deal with him.

Kristy Davies, Operations Manager at Pharmacy 777

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your efforts in helping us get to our best! Even just today at work i can feel the difference for all of us who attended your session. We’ve done more in one day than in the last month. Thanks again, much appreciated!

Belinda Shuy, Manager Bayswater W.A.

It was very valuable and very well presented. Informative, interesting, and very relevant to both work and personal life. It will help me change someone’s life.

Daniel Prasopsang, Pharmacy 777 Team Member, W.A.