Your Words _Your World

Author: Christine Howitz

“Your life is what your thoughts make it.” ~Marcus Aurelius

I’ve recently been reading a fascinating book the Hidden Souls of Words by Mary Cox Garner which got me thinking about the true power of words and how closely our thinking and our words are aligned.

As I read the book I started to notice our minds are like a fertile field where seeds are constantly being planted. Some seeds are planted in the form of information, others come from our life experience and some come in the form of people’s ideas, opinions and judgments. Still other seeds or ‘weeds’ as I often treat them are blown in on the winds of rumour and gossip…..

Speak no evil

As I began to immerse myself into the book it was amazing to truly understand how and why language has such enormous intensity. For instance you can’t say the word hate, without having some emotional charge attached to it. We can’t say the word love without another type of charge. Scientific research demonstrates there is an actual biochemical change in our body when we use language that has energy… Simply by changing our vocabulary we transform how we feel, how we think and the way we live…and I’ll let you in on a secret…. I know this stuff works as I’ve been doing a bit of my own social experiment…..

In his book,The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz asks us to be “impeccable with our word.” This got me thinking so I turned to my mate Google and did a bit of digging on the word “impeccable “.  Did you know the root of impeccable is the Latin word peccare? meaning “sin”; impeccable means “without sin.” This means not only to what we do against others but what we do against ourselves in the form of judgment, blame, guilt or negative self talk and rejection.

So what does all this mean? It means that if we continually use words that focus on lack, pain, disappointment, despair, sadness and anger then that’s how we experience the world.  Words have power over us when we live in a state of blame, or self-rejection. If our self-talk includes “I’m fat, useless, stupid, unpopular, not smart enough,” we begin to disconnect from our true inner power. We reject ourselves and start missing the target that is aligned with the truth of who we are. We are blocking the pathways to our source of power and not allowing our true goodness to flow through.

Think about a time when an event happened that really annoyed you….

I experienced the power of this when something happened last week that was extremely challenging. I reacted with alarm, and could feel myself going red and as I used the words ‘I hate this’ and ‘this is terrible’ and ‘how could they….’ As the anger and frustration intensified it occurred to me I had a choice in how I reacted to what was happening.  I stopped myself and changed my words. I used the word ‘excitable’ instead of angry and found myself smiling. Before long I realised the giant issue was manageable….

So let me ask you what other words can you use instead of depressed, miserable, gutted… ?  How about concerned, confused or a little bit sad – Do you think this would make a difference to how you experience the events in your life.

The key thing to remember is that the words we use to describe our experience then become our experience, what we tell ourselves and others on a consistent basis is how we will experience life…..

So now it is over to you…..what words will you chose?

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